Team History

Team Jeep was founded in 2001 with its first calendar year of racing in 2002. 16 years later the team continues to identify and produce world class athletes across its selected sporting disciplines. Its core ethos and focus has never changed and has always been based on helping the athletes achieve their goals and dreams by providing them with the right building blocks and teaching them the business of sport.

The team first started as an Adventure Racing Team taking part in both the sprint and multi-day races and consisted of 6 members.Since then the Jeep Team portfolio has continued to grow and has consolidate as one of the most successful teams of its kind in South Africa producing local, national and world champions across the sporting codes of Adventure Racing, Mountain Biking, BMX, Surfski, River Kayaking, Multisport, Extreme Sport and more recently Trail Running with Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) to be included into the 2015 portfolio.

Over the past 16 years close on 300 Athletes have in some way or form being involved with or represented the Jeep Team and CV’s of athletes from around South Africa and internationally continue to come through to our team for assessment and sponsorship. World beaters like Dan Hugo (Xterra), Eszter Erdelyi (Xterra / MTB), Hank MacGregor (Kayak), Barry Lewin (Kayak), MIchele Eray (Kayak), Brendon Davids (MTB), Sam Bull (DH MTB), Grant van der Walt (Kayak), Andrew Birkett (Kayak), MIchelle Eder (Surfski) and Mikaela Jonsson (Multisport) are just a few to mention that have been through or are still involved with the Jeep Team program.

Like any strong brand the Jeep Team continues to evolve enabling it to stay current and on top of athlete and sporting trends. Through the teams mentorship programs of the younger athletes as well as athlete talent identification the team has also managed to find the right athletes, who are the right fit for the team and who can find a family and support base structure within the team, this is critically important to the success of any team.

Social media platforms have changed the way sports teams operate and communicate and the Jeep Team has the right people in the right places to educate, train and help the athletes understand this process and the importance of it in their lives and for their careers going forward.

Through media training and athlete profile development we are able to build the athletes personal brands with them and teach them the importance of brand credibility, personal brand and of being a brand ambassador as well as being able to bring these key factors across in their communication with their peers, partners, sponsors, media and other athletes.

The Jeep Team will have a whole new look and feel going into its new 3 years contract period with all its partners in 2015. The focus has shifted to Junior, u/23 and Elite categories only, which in tern has made the team a smaller and more compact unit of 18 Athletes across 6 sporting disciplines.

The introduction of a Ghost Athlete Program has also been introduced where either national or international elite athletes or high profile personalities can be ring-fenced into a mutually beneficial agreement in working with the team. With the increased popularity of sports such as MTB, OCR, Trail Running and Mutlisport both the athletes and teams have had to evolve and redefine their genetic make up and way forward.

The Jeep Team has done just that and is geared and ready to live without limits.


Jeep Team South Africa is sponsored by Jeep Vehicles through Chrysler South Africa and  Jeep Apparel, through Musgrave Agencies South Africa, Administrated and Managed by Max Cluer Sports Marketing and is the brain child of Jeep Apparel SA (Musgrave Agencies ), Clint Morck and Max Cluer. The “Jeep Brand” is owned internationally by Chrysler Group LLC and Musgrave Agencies cc is a licensee of the brand in South Africa & neighboring countries.

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