May 9, 2017

Wings for Life World Run

Runners in this year’s Wings for Life World Run set off at 1pm on Sunday 7 May from Supersport Park in Pretoria.

The Wings for Life World Run is a global charity event where everybody starts at the same time and the finish line chases you. The global movement began at 11am UTC (1pm in South Africa), when participants from 58 countries simultaneously started the race.

In South Africa, 2184 runners, including four members from Jeep Team SA, Christiaan Greyling, Joshua Masudi, Hlubi Mboya and Thomas van Tonder, participated in the world-wide event.

Half an hour after the race starts, a moving finish line, “Catcher Car,” chases runners along the course, gradually getting faster until each one is caught. Before being passed by the “Catcher Car”, Greyling covered 37.44km, Masudi ran 25.67km, Mboya completed 12.17km and Van Tonder ran 16.69km.

Running alongside Jeep Team’s Christiaan Greyling was his wife, Landie Greyling, SA’s top female trail runner.

The 37.44km distance earnt Landie Greyling the title of South Africa’s Winning Woman and an all-expenses paid trip to a Wings for Life World Run location of her choice for the 2018 Wings for Life World Run.

All entry fees and all donations raised through fundraising campaigns goes directly to spinal cord research projects and clinical trials at renowned universities and institutes worldwide.

The non-profit Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation is a driving force behind the mission, and Red Bull covers the foundation’s administrative costs in full as well as costs for the Wings for Life World Run.

Across its first three editions (2014, 2015, 2016), the Wings for Life World Run attracted more than 280 000 people from 193 nationalities to run in more than 38 countries across six continents. They raised €13.8 million while covering more than 2.8 million kilometres.


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