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Hlubi Mboya

  • Date of Birth: 02 March 1978
  • Place of Birth: Eastern Cape
  • Weight: 48KG
  • Height: 1.54M
  • Discipline: OCR

Athlete Profile

Full Name: Hlubikazi Mboya

Nickname: Pocket rocket/hlubinator

Number of years with the team: 1st year

Number of years racing: 2 years

Favourite Event: ABSA Cape Epic / Sani2C

Favourite Track/Course: Sani2C, the views are stunning

Highlight of your career: Climbing Kilimanjaro


  • Completing the ABSA Cape Epic
  • Completing the Sani2C

Questions and Answers

Q: What was your First Bike?
A: Rocky Mountain

Q: What do you love most about your sport?
A: It really is a true reflection of life; you are changing gears, experiencing different terrains while being in the natural elements just like going through life.

Q: What has your sport taught you?
A: Never give up, when you fall down you must rise again, you are your biggest self-critic, must be hungry, be push to limits and consistently raise the bar.
Biggest goal for 2015: Surviving the Jeep Warrior Race with a smile
Interesting fact about yourself: I’m small in stature but gigantic in spirit

Q: Biggest goal for 2015?
A: Surviving the Jeep Warrior Race with a smile. My future goals are also to climb the Himalayas and run the Comrades Marathon.

Q: Interesting fact about yourself?
A:  I’m small in stature but gigantic in spirit

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