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Joshua Masudi

  • Date of Birth: 15 December 1994
  • Place of Birth: Kiliba, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Height: 1.67m
  • Discipline: Obstacle Course Racing

Athlete Profile

Name: Yoshua Masudi

Number of years with the team: Over 2 years

Number of Years Racing: 8 years

Favourite Event:  Jeep Warrior Race in Ballito 2015 when I came first in the Commando Elite race in Jeep Team colours.

Favourite Track/Course: Meerendal Wine Estate



  • 1st Male - Jeep Warrior Race #5 (Commando Elite)
  • 1st Male - Jeep Warrior Race #3 (Commando Elite)


  • 1st Male - Jeep Warrior Race #8 (Commando)

Questions and Answers

Q: What do you love most about your sport?
A: I love the torturous pain of training and feeling the sweat pour off my face, knowing that I have given it my absolute all. I love doing what I thought I could only dream about. I love the competition; the rush of racing the person next to me. I love OCR because it puts a smile on my face; it keeps me fit and connected to people. Most importantly, I love the support, the fans.

Q: What has your sport taught you?
A: I have learned that I must believe in myself. Sport has taught me time management, dedication, and that attitude really is at least half the battle. Once you start something, you need to finish it. Even if you want to quit or give up, you need to finish what you started.

I have learned to respect my opponent and learn from them. I have learned that mistakes are only truly such when you don’t learn from them. You can recover from almost all mistakes, and recovering from them starts with forgiving yourself for making them.

Q: Biggest goal for 2017?
A: I am currently working on my weaknesses. I am working on my techniques to be able to approach the breaking point.

Q: Interesting fact about yourself?
A: When I was 10 or 11, I was taken by Mai-Mai Rebels and forced to become a child soldier. I have twice been invited by Pretoria Boys High School to share my childhood story; I have also spoken to students at University of Pretoria. I am the only person in my family to graduate from high school and go to university.

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